Dynatrace Training Course & Official Master Certification Program


Dynatrace online training program will help you learn the Dynatrace certification master program which is a global tech company that is an intelligence platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) and software automation process to monitor and optimize application performance, development part and security management, IT infrastructure, and user experience for businesses configure levels and government agencies throughout the world.

In this online Dynatrace certification course, you will become a master in Dynatrace tool with microservices, container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes, and the IT infrastructure which is running in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud system environments and provides full automated problem resolving remediation.

This Dynatrace certification course, designed in collaboration with DevOpsSchool under the “ Monitoring performance team” program and this is the mere certification course in the world that provides one month of internship with Real intelligence-based Projects in one of the software industries and experiences real implementations of Dynatrace’s best practices. This program also would help you with Dynatrace interview and assessment preparations.

Key highlights:

DevOps Tools Included
20 live & interactive sessions
Certified by Devopsschool
Lifetime access with video library
Real Scenario based projects
Interview & assessment support
60 Hrs. projects & exercises
Designed for working professional & fresher’s
250 hrs. self-paced learning videos

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Upcoming Batches:

1st month of every week


  • Application developers
  • Integration specialists
  • Solution architect
  • Master in engineer
  • Software prodigy
  • Security analyst
  • IT experts and professionals
  • Software performer
  • Fresher’s looking to become a Dynatrace certified engineer
  • Aspirants looking to work as Dynatrace professional can apply for this course.

Skills covered

  • Participating in Management Reviews and Analysis.
  • Defining dashboard and reporting engagement performance
  • Identify dependencies, constraints, risks, and issues
  • Reviewing and providing inputs for all the test results
  • Effective stakeholder communication
  • Provide weekly status report to Client
  • Facilitate root cause analysis

Tools covered

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Docker
  • Java
  • Prometheus
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • microservices
  • Kubernetes

Curriculum & course details

  • Introduction
  • APM Introduction
  • understanding dynatrace
  • Basic Installation
  • Web Interface Licensing
  • Performance analysis
  • Create Web Applications for Real User Monitoring.
  • Create Tagging rules
  • Windows service availability
  • Setup notification problem with the help of alerting profiles
  • Monitoring log files through dynatrace
  • Detecting application flow & technologies through Dynatrace
  • AWS infrastructure monitoring & diagnostic tools in Dynatrace
  • Reports & Dashboards in Dynatrace


Daily upcoming certification, you have been cross-checked in your IT career and Industry related to your courses but you know the Certifications always play a pleasant role in any profession. You may find some Dynatrace professionals, who will tell you that certifications do not hold much value; this certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to resolve complex clouds, digital analytics, and dashboards with Dynatrace core software to get the most out of their data.

A Dynatarce Certified User can monitor, use fields, use lookups, and create basic statistical performance and dashboards in the Dynatarce Enterprise or Dynatarce Cloud Platforms. This certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to navigate and use the Dynatrace Software.


What do aspirants think about our certification program?

With over 150 countries aspirants, DevOpsSchool certification can be an accredited to every individual and any organization who is looking to adopt and implement software delivery and operational best practices. Here I have consolidated a few recent observations made by our certified aspirants regarding their results with Devopsschool.

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Projects and internship

  • OpenTelemetry Collector Contrib
  • Dynatrace OpenTelemetry analysis Metrics Exporter for Java
  • Dynatrace OpenTelemetry contibutes Metrics Exporter to Go
  • Dynatrace OpenTelemetry Metrics Exports for Python working
  • Dynatrace OpenTelemetry Metrics Exports to JavaScript for managing
  • Dynatrace OpenTelemetry Metrics Exporter for .NET


  • What makes Dynatrace different?
  • What kind of tool is Dynatrace?
  • How does Dynatrace monitoring work?
  • What is Dynatrace documentation?
  • What is mission control in Dynatrace?
  • What are Dynatrace alerts?
  • What is true about baselines in Dynatrace?
  • How does Dynatrace Group Mobile app crashes?
  • What is visualized in a service flow Dynatrace?
  • What is Smartscape topology in Dynatrace?
  • How do I monitor services in Dynatrace?
  • What is Backtrace in Dynatrace?
  • What is called service in Dynatrace?
  • What is Purepath in Dynatrace?
  • How do you trace your back?
  • What environments does Dynatrace support?
  • What is transaction and services in Dynatrace?
  • What is Dynatrace deep monitoring?