Our DataOps Trainer

If you are looking for DataOps trainer, you are the right place. Our DataOps trainer trains and motivates individuals and groups to adopt a new DataOps application or programme on the behalf of a your organization.

Our DataOps can help you to deliver the DataOps Programs including

Intro to DataOps

  • Problems in the Data & Analytics Industry
  • Root Cause: Organizational Complexities
    Solution: What Is DataOps?

DataOps Production Pipeline

  • The Three DataOps Pipelines
  • Meta-Orchestrate Tools, Teams & Processes
  • Automate Tests for Error Detection
  • Types of Tests
  • Measure Production Processes, Reflect & Improve

DataOps Development Pipeline

  • Development Lifecycle Complexities
  • Data & Analytics Development
  • How to Achieve Fast Deployments
  • DataOps Deployments: Beyond DevOps
  • Module Four: DataOps Environment Pipeline [30 min]
  • DataOps Environment Challenges
  • Environment Management: Components & Use Cases
  • Principles of DataOps Environments

DataOps Implementation

  • Lean DataOps Implementation
  • Four Phases of Lean DataOps
  • Six-Step Process to DataOps

Our DataOps Trainer

Tony Van

Tony is our leading DataOps Trainer. His experience including Being globally responsible for the complete data lifecycle, from data preparation to reporting, This includes Microsoft Azure Native Data Platforms including Power BI reporting solutions for all internal colleagues and external clients. Managing a team (10 persons) of data engineers, PBI developers and contractors (of which Data Scientists, Data Engineers and an Agile Coach).


Rahul is our another talented DataOps Trainer who is Highly experienced in DevOps (CI/CD) on multi-cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google cloud, Azure, Ansible, Docker, Jenkins, IT Infrastructure Provisioning IAAC/IAAS & automation, Security, Managing performance, Deployment, IT Infra Automation, ELK, Graylog, Data Pipeline, EMR, Big Data, Hadoop, ML, Data lake.

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar is our highly demanded Rajesh Kumar. Over 16 years of extensive DataOps experience working with more than 10 software development companies for software development & maintenance of production environments involved in continuous improvement and automating entire life cycle using latest devops tools and techniques from design and architecture, through implementation, deployment, and successful operations. Also, helping more than 200 software organizations & 30000 engineers globally, providing coaching, mentoring and consulting in DevOps, DataOps, CICD, Cloud, containers, SRE, DevSecOps, microservices and operations, IT Infra Automation, ELK, Graylog, Data Pipeline, EMR, Big Data, Hadoop, ML, Data lake.

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