How to Store Data in Pop-Modal in Laravel

In this tutorial I’m going to describe how to store data in bootstrap 4 pop modal in laravel.

Step 2-> Go to .env and set up connect with database


3rd step migrate table

Next create migration table as name of employees lets go and create table

Next got to database/migration/create_emoloyees_table and open this file

Simply copy and paste this code

Next step create view files in resources/views/
folder name


Go to empmodel.blade.php and paste below code

Lets next go to create model

Next create controller

Go to EmployeeController and paste below code

Next create route go to Route/web.php and paste below code

Next go to browser and search

Now Form is look like this

Fill all the field and click on submit

Next Go to Localhost/phpmyadmin and check your data has been successfully saved.