Linux Basic Command

cp                     =  cp file3.txt file4.txt   (copy a file or directory)  { syntax – cp <source_file><destination>

mv                   = mv (which file to move) path name (where to move)

cd                     = change to directory

touch               = create Empty file

cat> filename = create new file and write a content, combining file

{ syntax – cat (file1) (file2) > (file3) }

cat                     = display content

tac                     =  Display content lines in reverse

grep                  =  Filter to search given pattern in file content

ping                   =    check the connectivity status of server

diff                     =     compare the content of two different file

hostname         = display hostname

hostname -i       = display host ip

chmod                = give permission  

uniq                     =  Remove duplicate of file content/ it can remove only continuous duplicate

find                     =  find (syntax — find <foldername>/ -name <filename> )

gzip                     = gzip <filename>  {for zip the file}

tar                      =  For merge the file (syntax — tar cvf <newfilename.tar> filename1 filename2)