Performing CRUD operation through php mysql

CRUD is an acronym for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. CRUD operations are basic data manipulation for database.

In this we create a simple PHP application to perform all these operations on a MySQL database table at one place.

Step 1

Create the databse

 After creating the database create a table named ……….. inside your MySQL database.

Step 2

Create the configuration file

In this step we connect the database to the server in this at localhost.

Code for the configuration.

Step 3

Creating the main page

In this step we creat the main page and connect the all required file in it.

Through this page we can add , read , update and the delte the row of the tabels.

Code for the main page

Step 4

Creating the create page

In this page we write the code for inserting the data into a new row

code for creat page

Step 5

Creating the read page

Through this file we read the value which is inserted in the database through the user

code for this…

Step 6

Create update page

In this page we update the value which is inserted in the row

code for this..

Step 7

Create the delete page

In this we delete the record which we have to delete

code for the delete page