Registration Form using PHP.

Creating a registritaion form in php using $_POST method

  1. First we create a html page containning form in it with the helps of form tag. Add some header about what type of form you are submiting from the user.

And after that you create a form add some section in the form like Name , Age , Gender…..etc, the details which you wants from the user.

In form you have to add button for submission and Reset using button class you can create the button.

2. Now we create a another file having css extension in which we write our css there

3. After creating the form add some CSS to make the web pages goods, set margin , padding give background color you can also set an image as a background

4. Now we connect the css file in our css is written we link with the html page.

5. Now we have to store the data into the database

we esteblish the connection with the help of php code

here localhost is the our server having user name “root” and password “null”

we have to run the xamm server to make the configuration to the server and on th apache and mysql function

6. After this we have to create the database in which our data is store

Now its time to connnect the server to the databse

7. we connect server with the help of php mysqli_connect function by passing the value (server name, usser name, password ,datbase name )

Next step is to check the coonection

Here we use $_POST method


PHP $_POST is a PHP super global variable which is used to collect form data after submitting an HTML form with method=”post”. $_POST is also widely used to pass variables.

Information sent from a form with the POST method is invisible to other and has no limits on the amount of information to send.

Now we insert the value into databse using function ( $sqlquery = “INSERT INTO DB_Name VALUES)

Code for connecting and insert value in datbase