What are the top disadvantages of Microservices Architecture?

What are Microservices?

Microservice architecture is a software development style that breaks the system down into smaller independent components. It is a collection of autonomous services designed around a single business domain.

These individual units are capable of handling one part of the functionality of the software.

Working with microservices offers some clear advantages. For example, a team that adopts microservices can onboard developers quickly and support a flexible release schedule. But microservice-oriented architecture (MOA) does come with challenges.

Here are the key disadvantages of microservices to keep in mind:

  • Cons of Microservices
    1. Increased Complexity of Communication.
    2. Requires More Resources.
    3. Global Testing and Debugging is Difficult.
    4. Not Practical for Small Applications.
    5. Relatively Complex Deployment.
    6. Operations configuration is more complex.
    7. Requires translation over context boundaries.