Blade in Laravel

Blade is the simple,yet powerful templating engine that is included with laravel. Blade does not restrict you from using plain php code in your templates.

Blade templates files use the .blade.php extension file extension and are typically stored in the resources/views directory.

Master page layout defines the common layout across all the web pages. All the web applications have the master page layout to define the common layout across all the web pages. The blade templating engine defines the master layout that can be extended by all the web pages. The master page layout is available in the /resources/views/layouts/ directory.

Displaying Data.
Display data – you may display data thar is passed to your blade views by wrapping the variable in curly braces.
ex -{{$name}}.

Displaying Function().

calling function – you may also echo the result of any php function by wrapping the function name in curly braces.
ex- {{time()}}

Blade Loops

The blade templating engine provides loops such as @for, @endfor, @foreach, @endforeach, @while, and @endwhile directives. These directives are used to create the php loop equivalent statements.


  1. value of i :  
  2. @for($i=1;$i<11;$i++)  
  3. {{$i}}  
  4. @endfor