List of Software Development Company in Ranchi

Jharkhand is a state in India’s east. On November 15, 2000, it was carved out of Bihar’s southern region. Jharkhand is bordered on the north by Bihar, on the west by Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, on the south by Orissa, and on the east by West Bengal.

Ranchi, an industrial city, serves as the country’s capital. Jamshedpur, Bokaro, and Dhanbad are the other major cities in eastern India, all of which are highly industrialised.

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Here is a list of software development company in Ranchi

1. Cotocus- Cotocus is an up-and-coming technology firm specializing in next-generation digital innovations, global consulting, and information technology services. Established in 2016, they are a Bangalore (India) based company with 5 products and a strong commitment to our clients and communities. With different type of products, they’ve developed solutions to a variety of problems they’re seeing in tech education, healthcare, professional services, travel, and the digital domain. Their solutions and services save time, allowing our clients and customers to focus on what really matters. Every day, they use disruptive technologies like DevOps, Cloud computing, Microservices, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and more to define the digital foundation that will accelerate the next wave of innovation for our customers and clients.

Cotocus improves your team’s digital skills and adds value to your company. They aid in the retention of talent and increase the efficiency of processes.
Cotocus is your accelerator for accelerating your time to market.
They produce excellent work, much to the delight of our customers. Their problem-solving approach is innovative and creative. They have digital strategies tailored to your specific business requirements.

2. HolidayLandmark-

HolidayLandmark is an adventure travel company based entirely on the internet. It was founded by a group of sober trekkers and travelers who live in cities but seek out wilderness in the woods. HolidayLandmark is an online platform that allows travelers to meet up with other travelers to go on adventures and stimulate wild instincts in those who want to return to the wild. Anyone can use this portal to organize or plan their future and share it with the rest of the world in order to locate missing travelers who are still within the city limits and looking for a leader who can lead them back into the forest. HolidayLandmarker creates an entirely new category of holiday landmarks that has yet to be discovered.

3. Brightcode Software Services Pvt. Ltd. – Brightcode Software Services Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO-certified best software company in Ranchi, Jharkhand, that specialises in custom software, ecommerce websites, and mobile apps. They have gained Excellence in providing the best IT Solutions for businesses and are recognised as one of the fastest-growing Software companies in Ranchi, with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. Brightcode provides customised software development services that include the use of cutting-edge technologies and a wide range of platforms.

4. eshuzo Global Technologies Private Limited – eshuzo is a next-generation technical firm that assists businesses in reimagining their operations in the digital age. With an automation management philosophy, a strong and hardworking culture, and 750+ ‘clients’ working in India and its neighbouring countries, their technology and services are built on innovation.
eshuzo is an IT consulting and software development firm that was founded in 2013. Their team, which is based in Delhi and operates globally, is responsible for driving digital transformation for businesses all over the world.
They maintain on-site presence by having offices in a variety of major cities around the world. Starting as a small IT product company (ECS), they’ve expanded their operations to include IT training (studide), IT development (eshuzo), and legal services (CA ji INDIA), and they’ve been assisting non-IT organisations and software product companies ever since.

5. Professnow- Professnow is the only platform that allows you to search for and book all types of on-demand services from top-rated service providers in your city in real time. This app lists all professionals in your city, including lawyers, accountants, doctors, and drivers, chef, plumber, photographer among others.

This is one of the best, if not the best, places to find professionals who are hard to come by or who require a lot of effort to locate.

This is a fantastic initiative on the part of this IT company.

6. Arnav Softech Pvt Ltd- Since the year 2012, Arnav Softech has been a web design and development company. It’s a team of professional web developers and designers. More than 100 clients from India and abroad are covered by us. Our motto is “Customer Satisfaction.”

PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, ReactJS, React Native, Node, Mongo, Android, and so on are some of their tools.

7. Mildtrix Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd- Mildtrix Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a rapidly growing global company that provides business support across a wide range of industries. Their method aids individuals and businesses of all sizes in realising their full potential. They aim to cater to the needs of our valued clients with a state-of-the-art facility. Your questions are already being answered by a team of more than ten experts.
With a combined 7 years of experience, they provide the best services in a timely and efficient manner. Mildtrix Business’s support team ensures that your questions are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
They even combine quality and cost.

8. RSG Software Services Pvt Ltd- RSG Software Services is a software development and consulting firm specialising in Apple software. RSG creates apps for both Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone & iPad). RSG also provides FileMaker Pro, Osirix (Medical Imaging), and Bento consulting, as well as being a FileMaker and Bento Authorized Sales Partner.

The RSG is an Apple Premier Reseller with five retail locations in Delhi, Bombay, Pune, and Hyderabad that sell Apple Hardware, Software, and related products.

9.  DevOpsSchool- DevOpsSchool is a “school of professional training” that offers courses in DevOps, Cloud, Containerization, CI/CD, DevSecOps, and other related technologies, and is run by a community of industry experts.
DevOpsSchool is a one-stop shop for DevOps learning resources, including DevOps tutorials, DevOps videos, DevOps questions, DevOps assignments, DevOps kit, DevOps courses, and everything else you need to get started with DevOps. We provide comprehensive support to those in the software and IT industries who want to adopt DevOps and implement it in their workplace.

10. Wizbrand- WizBrand is a platform that was created with a thorough understanding of the vision and product concept of digital marketing, digital marketers, and businesses of all sizes. Our team created a one-stop platform that allows us to keep track of projects, assets, tasks, and resources, as well as stay organized on a single platform with a centralised workspace, so we can effectively manage an organization’s work.

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