How to use aggregate functions in Laravel?

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In Laravel, you can use aggregate functions to perform calculations on database records. Laravel’s query builder provides methods to work with aggregate functions, such as count, sum, avg, max, and min. These methods allow you to retrieve aggregated data from your database tables.

Here’s an example of how to use aggregate functions in Laravel using the query builder:

1. Count the number of records:

$count = DB::table('table_name')->count();

2. Calculate the sum of a column:

$sum = DB::table('table_name')->sum('column_name');

3. Calculate the average of a column:

$average = DB::table('table_name')->avg('column_name');

4. Find the maximum value in a column:

$maxValue = DB::table('table_name')->max('column_name');

5. Find the minimum value in a column:

$minValue = DB::table('table_name')->min('column_name');

You can also combine aggregate functions with query conditions and other query builder methods to perform more specific calculations and filtering.