Newrelic Training Course & Official Master Certification Program

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A New relic online training program will help you learn the New relic certification master program which is an observability platform that covers the building portion of the software. You may bring your all data together, respond to incidents quickly, and also analyze the data. Its works as a performer on various functions such as Instrument your application, Instrument your environment, Instrument your digital experiences, and Send data via APIs or build your own solution. It manages to troubleshoot from anywhere in your stack.

In this online New relic certification course, you will become a master in New Relic monitoring tools like Application monitoring, Browser monitoring, Mobile monitoring, Synthetic monitoring, Serverless monitoring, Infrastructure monitoring, Log management, etc.

This New relic certification course, designed in collaboration with DevOpsSchool under the “ Observability analytic team” program and this is the mere certification course in the world that provides one month of internship with Real phenomenal-based Projects in one of the software entities and experiences real implementations of new relic best practices. This program also would help you with New Relic interview and assessment preparations.

Key highlights:

DevOps Tools Included
20 live & interactive sessions
Certified by Devopsschool
Lifetime access with video library
Real Scenario-based projects
Interview & assessment support
60 Hrs. projects & exercises
Designed for working professional & fresher’s
250 hrs. self-paced learning videos

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  • Application developers
  • Integration specialists
  • Solution architect
  • Master in engineer
  • Software prodigy
  • Security analyst
  • IT experts and professionals
  • Software performer
  • Fresher’s looking to become a New relic certified engineer
  • Aspirants looking to work as New relic professionals can apply for this course.

Skills covered

  • Hands-on working experience in Development & Administration
  • Design, implement, and manage enterprise web infrastructure
  • Most Experience in alert handling, standard availability, and performance report generation
  • They have heterogeneous systems ability like UNIX / LINUX / Windows environment
  • Automate the creation of an application with DevOps tools configuration, deployment, and production
  • Migrating existing dashboards, reports, alerts on daily basis to provide productivity and service to business units
  • Monitoring and analyzing the infrastructure
  • Design and implement software Architecture

Tools covered

  • PagerDuty
  • Slack
  • Splunk
  • Sumo Logic
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • DynamoDB

Curriculum & course details

  • Introducing the Telemetry Data Platform
  • Collect data from any source
  • Knowledge Check
  • Getting started with Dashboards
  • Curated monitoring experiences
  • Introduction to Entity Explorer
  • Troubleshooting a Front-end Issue
  • Troubleshooting a Back-end Issue
  • Troubleshooting a CPU Spike
  • Finding Vulnerabilities using Inventory
  • A Quick Introduction to Distributed Tracing
  • Observability with Synthetics
  • Alerts – Observability with Synthetics
  • Charts and Dashboards – Observability with Synthetics
  • Uptime and SLAs
  • What about Kubernetes?
  • Applied Intelligence capabilities
  • Getting Started with AI Ops
  • Demo of Proactive Detection


Daily upcoming certification, you have been cross-checked in your IT career and Industry related to your courses but you know the Certifications always play a pleasant role in any profession. You may find some New relic professionals, who will tell you that certifications do not hold much value; this certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to generate complex searches, reports, and dashboards with New relic core software to get the most out of their data.

A New relic Certified User can search, use fields, use lookups, and create basic statistical reports and dashboards in the New relic Enterprise or New relic Cloud Platforms. This certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to navigate and use the New relic Software.


What do aspirants think about our certification program?

With over 150 countries aspirants, DevOpsSchool certification can be an accredited to every individual and any organization who is looking to adopt and implement software delivery and operational best practices. Here I have consolidated a few recent observations made by our certified aspirants regarding their results with Devopsschool.

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Projects and internship

C Distributed Tracing Example
New Relic C SDK
C-SDK and Daemon Containers Example
New Relic Dropwizard reporter
New Relic One Cambio
Alerts Dashboard
Cards for Observability
Violation Command Center
New Relic One Nerdpack Layout 2×2 Grid
New Relic One Nerdpack Layout 3 Column


  • What is the purpose of new relic?
  • What data does New Relic collect?
  • How do you implement New Relic?
  • What language does New Relic use?
  • What is facet in New Relic?
  • What is New Relic synthetics?
  • What is new relic minion?
  • What is new relic infrastructure?
  • What is APM in New Relic?
  • Who competes with New Relic?
  • How do you read New Relic dashboard?
  • How do you use Newrelic tutorial?
  • How do you check errors in New Relic?
  • What excites you about software engineering at New Relic?
  • Who competes with New Relic?
  • Does New Relic pay well?
  • How many employees does New Relic have?
  • Who is the CEO of New Relic?