Resolving the Error: Laravel Auth::routes() Method Requires laravel/ui Package

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Laravel provides convenient methods for setting up authentication routes and views through the Auth::routes() method. However, when attempting to use this method without the necessary package installed, you may encounter the error message: “In order to use the Auth::routes() method, please install the laravel/ui package.” In this blog post, we’ll discuss what causes this error and how to resolve it effectively.

Understanding the Error:

The Auth::routes() method is a convenient way to define authentication routes in Laravel applications. It automatically generates routes for login, registration, password reset, and other authentication-related functionality. However, starting from Laravel 7.x, the authentication scaffolding has been moved to the separate laravel/ui package. Therefore, attempting to use Auth::routes() without installing the laravel/ui package will result in the mentioned error.

Causes of the Error:

The main cause of this error is attempting to use Auth::routes() without installing the laravel/ui package. This can happen if you’re using Laravel version 7.x or later and haven’t installed the necessary package to handle authentication scaffolding.


To resolve the error and enable the Auth::routes() method in your Laravel application.

Install Laravel UI Package: Open your terminal or command prompt and run the following Composer command to install the laravel/ui package:

composer require laravel/ui:^4.2

The latest version of the laravel/ui package and adds it to your Laravel project’s dependencies.

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