Gitops Training Course & Official Master Certification Program

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GitOps is a framework operational training course that utilizes DevOps best practices used for application development such as version control, collaboration, compliance, and CI/CD tooling, and applies them to infrastructure automation. While the software development lifecycle has been automated, infrastructure has remained a largely manual process that requires specialized teams. With the demands of today’s needs infrastructure, it has become increasingly pivotal to implement infrastructure automation. Trending infrastructure needs to be elastic so that it can effectively manage cloud services that are needed for the continuous deployment process.

Gitops online training course will help you learn the Gitops certification master program which covers various aspects of software development, operations, continuous integration, continuous delivery, docker/containers/Kubernetes, cloud AWS/Azure, automated build, automated test, and deployment, continuous inspection, configuration management, security & SIEM, microservices, monitoring & observability & AiOps, MLOps, DataOps.

Key highlights:

  • 30 DevOpos Tools Included
  • 20 live & interactive sessions
  • Certified by devopsschool
  • Lifetime access with video library
  • Real time projects
  • Interview & assessment support
  • 60 Hrs projects & exercises
  • Designed for working professional & freshers
  • 250 hrs self-paced learning videos

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  • Application developers
  • Integration specialists
  • Solution architect
  • Master in engineer
  • Software prodigy
  • Security analyst
  • IT experts and professionals
  • Software performer
  • Freshers looking to become a DevOps certified engineer
  • Aspirants looking to work as a DevOps professional can apply for this course.

Skills covered

  • DevOps implementations
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Continuous deployment
  • Continuous inspection
  • Digital marketing professional
  • Docker & containers & Kubernetes
  • Micro services
  • Monitoring & observability
  • Full stack Developer
  • Cloud AWS, Azure & Google cloud  
  • DevOps, security & SIEM

Tools covered

  • Terraform
  • CloudFormation
  • Spinnaker
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • GitLab
  • Kubernetes
  • Hasura
  • kubediff
  • Ansible diff
  • terradiff

Curriculum & course details

  • Declarative Infrastructure as Code.
  • Immutable deployment.
  • Code & config version controlled.
  • Rollback functionality.
  • Monitorable & observable services & infrastructure.
  • Different tools detect/alert divergence.
  • Sync tools enable convergence.
  • Completely automated delivery pipeline.


Certifications always play a significant role in any profession. You may find some GitOps professional, who will tell you that certifications do not hold much value; this certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to generate complex searches, reports, and dashboards with Gitops core software to get the most out of their data.

A GitOps Certified User can search, use fields, use look-ups, and create basic statistical reports and dashboards in the Gitops Enterprise or GitOps Platforms. This certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to navigate and use the GitOps Software.


What do aspirants think about our certification?

With over 100 countries aspirants, DevOpsSchool certification can be an accredited to anyone and any industry who is looking to adopt and implement software delivery best practices. Here I have mentioned a few recent observations made by our certified aspirants regarding their results with Devopsschool.

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Projects and internship


  • Creating CI/CD pipeline to build and test a website
  • Deploying an app on Kubernetes with CI/CD pipeline
  • Merging Git branches
  • Implementing Git workflow
  • Creating custom containers in Docker
  • Using puppet for configuration management


  • What is GitOps vs DevOps?
  • When was GitOps coined?
  • What is GitOps pipeline?
  • What is GitOps medium?
  • What is GitOps Reddit?
  • Is GitOps an IaC?
  • Is GitOps open source?
  • What is GitOps pull request?
  • Is GitOps the next big thing in DevOps?
  • Is GitOps replacing DevOps?
  • What is GitOps and how does it benefit CI CD?
  • What are GitOps tools?