MLOps Training Course & Official Master Certification Program


MLOps online training program will help you learn the MLOps certification master program which covers best practices about collaboration between operational professionals and data scientists. Applying these trending workflow ideas in the world will simplify your management process and increases quality in practices with automation methods of machine learning and deep learning models. In favor of large-scale production of environment. It makes it easier to align models with business needs as well as regulatory requirements.

In this online MLOps certification course, you will become a master in MLops tools like Algorithmia, Comet ML, DVC, Kubeflow, Metaflow, MLFlow,, Polyaxon, Valohai, Weights & Biases, etc.

This MLOps certification course, designed in collaboration with DevOpsSchool under the “Machine learning operational team program and is the mere certification course in the world that provides one month of internship with Real experimental based Projects in one of the software entities and experiences real implementations of MLOps best practices. This program also would help you with MLOps interview and assessment preparations.

Key highlights:

  • 30 DevOps Tools Included
  • 20 live & interactive sessions
  • Certified by Devopsschool
  • Lifetime access with video library
  • Real time projects
  • Interview & assessment support
  • 60 Hrs. projects & exercises
  • Designed for working professional & fresher’s
  • 250 hrs. self-paced learning videos

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Application developers
Integration specialists
Solution architect
Master in engineer
Software prodigy
Security analyst
IT experts and professionals
Software performer
Fresher’s looking to become a MLOps certified engineer
Aspirants looking to work as MLOps professionals can apply for this course.

Skills covered

Source Code Management
Continuous Integration and Delivery
Infrastructure as Code
Programming languages
Custom containers
Pipeline orchestration
Wrapping up

Tools covered

Weights & Biases
Sacred + Omniboard
Guild AI
SageMaker Studio
DVC Studio

Curriculum & course details

  1. Programming Tools and Foundational Concepts
  2. Machine Learning Applications & Landscape
  3. Building end-to-end Machine Learning Project
  4. Classification
  5. Machine Learning Algorithms
  6. Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks


Various certifications, you have been cross-checked in your IT career and Industry related to your courses but you know the Certifications always play a significant role in any profession. You may find some MLOps professionals, who will tell you that certifications do not hold much value; this certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to generate complex searches, reports, and dashboards with MLOps core software to get the most out of their data.

An MLops Certified User can search, use fields, use lookups, and create basic statistical reports and dashboards in the MLOps Enterprise or MLOps Cloud Platforms. This certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to navigate and use the MLOps Software.


What do aspirants think about our certification?
With over 100 countries aspirants, DevOpsSchool certification can be an accredited to every individual and any organization who is looking to adopt and implement software delivery and operational best practices. Here I have consolidated a few recent observations made by our certified aspirants regarding their results with Devopsschool.

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Projects and internship

  • Deploying single container static app with Docker and Travis CI on AWS elastic Beanstalk
  • Deploying Multi container flask app with Docker & Travis CI on AWS elastic Beanstalk
  • Deploying single container Flask app with Docker, Travis CI, AWS RDS & AWS elasticache on AWS elastic beanstalk
  • Deploying single container static app on Google Kubernetes engine
  • Deploying Multi-container App on minikube and GKE


  • What problems does MLOps solve?
  • Which method is used in MLOps?
  • What are the components of MLOps?
  • What is the goal of MLOps?
  • What are MLOps skills?
  • What is MLOps vs DevOps?
  • What is MLOps platform?
  • Is scaling of model possible?
  • What is most true about MLOps but not DevOps?
  • Why do organizations need MLOps that are different from regular DevOps?
  • What is machine learning?
  • How does ml flow work?
  • How old is MLOps?
  • Who created MLflow?
  • How big is the MLOps market?
  • Who needs MLOps?
  • Is MLOps a data engineer?
  • How do I start MLOps?
  • What is MLOps everything you must know to get started?